Panorama: Finished

So, after a long break, I didn’t have enough time and energy to do anything, the painting is complete. I did both the sky and the river with the usual brushes. The grass had been done using dabs of cotton balls.

The sky is a mixture of Ultramarine Blue (Camel Colour #436) and lots of Titanium White (Camel Colour #423).

The river is a mixture of Cerulean Blue Hue (Camel Colour #071) and Titanium White. The darker parts have a bit of Black in them.

Here are the pics:



Panorama Updates

I have now completed the grass. The texture looks good enough, although it can be better. I am out of ideas for this one. The photos probably don’t do justice. It looks better on canvas.
I mixed Permanent Green Light (Camel colour #332) with a little Cadmium Yellow Medium (Camel colour #045) for the lighter shades of the grass. For the darker parts, I used a mixture of Viridian Hue (Camel colour #453) alongwith the Light Green. And a mixture of the above two mixtures for the transition. All these were dabbed on the canvas with a swab of cotton to get the grass texture. Its much more difficult and requires lots of patience to do it with a brush.
The next part will be paint the rivers. Which will be done by a brush 😛
Here are the pics of the painting till now.

Panorama – Updates

I have now finished a bit of painting. This mostly includes some of the ridges and a base coat of brown for the ground.
The detail of the ridges along the sides of the river is yet to be completed. Am looking at various photos to see how it is properly done. Feedback and/or advice welcome. 😀
The ground has been painted in a very watery brown. I plan to let the brown dry and then paint the grass on it. May be I’ll include a bit of fauna (other than grass) as well. Am still to finalise the technique to be used for painting the grass. Again feedback and/or advice welcome. 😀
So here is the progress I have made since the last weekend. Progress has slowed down. I had planned to finish the grass by this weekend. But guests and work have left me with very little time to devote to this.

Panorama – Day 0

This is all about preparing for the painting. Yes, I am fussy.

The painting is going to be done on a piece of canvas around 200cmx65cm (78inx26in approx for the imperialistic lot). I’ll make a picturesque lake surrounded by mountains. Its easier to change and modify, Plus, will have a reference to go by and wont change on my moods, whims and fancies each weekend.

So far, I have just marked out the size on the canvas. the base sketch should be ready by tonight. After working with different drafts Painting starts from next week. Hopefully.



So, I have decided to update this blog. After a year and a half. It always occurred to me that I should be updating the blog more often, but after a tiring day, all I did was play games and watch movies on the PC.
Hopefully, I can keep updating. Its not for a lack of time, but energy which can keep me off wordpress. So without further ado, I spell out my plans for the forthcoming months.
I am planning to make a panorama. I shall be posting my progress in separate blog post, possibly one every weekend. Preferably I’d like to have a new post for everyday that I’ll be working on that. So let’s see how that pans out.
Wish me luck!

When I am bored…..

Just a blabber of non sense on an unsuspecting victim….

Me: Mr Kaleem….
Athar: yes
Me: how are you my dearest friend?
Athar: bored…. 😛 😛 ….fyn…u?
Me: ME…
what can I say…
my life is an ongoing process of learning. The process never stops, we all grow…
not in size, but in mental maturity.
Athar: oo!!!!!!!
Me: yes…
You never know where life takes you. But you just have to enjoy the road.
You dont seem to be doing it my friend.
if you did, you would never be bored…
Athar: bored ke baad smiley :P:P nahi dekhi kya?
Me: Ahh….the smileys count for nothing.
I can understand the hidden meaning in your comments.
You have no automatics to concentrate on.
Athar: no…v r currently plannin 2 create a 3d animatn of an AT
Me: That is an absolutely amazing thing to do. It will be an enriching experience. It will help you learn how the complex mechanisms of planetary gearsets work in conjunction with the ECU.
Athar: thnkx fr d info…..sry bt m a bit busy nw
Me: oh..
how can one be busy and bored at the same time?
anyways enjoy your work. It will help you in establishing yourself as one of the finest auto engineers in the country.
I was really enthralling for me to talk to you about such important matters.
These moments of my life will always be cherished.
Athar: r u thinkin abt ur project?
Me: I always think about my project. It the end all, be all of my very existence on this great blue-green planet right now
Athar: k…byee
Me: bye. It was nice meeting you
I shall look forward to another chat.

Ten Reasons why I hate Sachin Tendulkar…

1. He always plays a brilliant innings before my exam and hence doesn’t let me study.

2. Every time that I think of becoming an atheist, he gets into the nineties and I have no choice but to pray.

3. Every time I take a resolution not to bite my nails, he gets into the nineties and I am left with no choice but to chew on my nails.

4. He keeps all the records to himself.

5. He makes a lot more money and fame than me.

6. He costs way too much on ‘super selector’ but since I have to pick him, the rest of my team gets weakened.

7. During a match, invariably when I want to go to the bathroom, he hits a boundary and hence I have no choice but to sit and watch the replay.

8. As soon as I convince myself that God does not exist, he plays a straight drive and proves me wrong.

9. He brings the whole country to a standstill whenever he bats

10. And the last and the biggest reason why I hate Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar …

He is going to retire sometime in the future…

The Adventures of God

God: Noah, all the people of earth are sinners. You alone are righteous.
Noah: Thanks God. Long time fan, first time prophet.
God: So, I have decided to smite the entire world with a flood.
Noah: Couldn’t you just teach man goodness?
God: No. I’m thinking “flood”.
Noah: So you’d rather just kill every–
God: What part of “flood” do you not understand?

God: Moses…I have seen the plight of the Jews in Egypt.
Moses: Wow. Only after, uh, 400 years there, right?
God: Yes.
Moses: Awesome.
God: I will take you out of Egypt after ten terrible, terrible plagues.
Moses: …ten?
God: Is there a problem?
Moses: It’s just…ten is a lot. For, you know, God. Couldn’t you get this done in like, two plagues max?
God: No. For you see Moses, I will harden Pharaoh’s heart against me.
Moses: So…you are going to stop him from letting us free from slavery.
God: Yes.
Moses: So you can bring more terrible, terrible plagues upon the people.
God: Yes.
Moses: And you see nothing wrong with this picture?
Moses: Are there any other God’s up there I can talk to?

Mary: Did you send the child support?
God: Frankincense and myrrh. Yeah.
Mary: Annnnnd?
God: *sighs*. And gold. And the gold.
Mary: That’s better.

God: Well, this is awkward.

God: Abraham, you must circumcise yourself.
Abraham: As you wish, my lord.
God: Oh my Me. He’s totally going to do it.